Kenneth Ray Tevis - Christian Business Leader in Atlanta Ga

Kenneth Ray Tevis is a Christian business leader, music artist and entrepreneur living, working and having enjoying life in Atlanta Ga. Although creativity and fun have their place, it's important to be serious, responsible and even formal at the right times in business and life in general. Kenny Ray Tevis as he's also known, particularly in the music industry has roots in Dayton Ohio, Huntsville Alabama and other cities of Central and Eastern United Sates. In addition to Kenny Ray being a music artist, singer and song writer himself, he also has a passion to operate in music production, recording and marketing to help other young music artists build a solid foundation and get a good start in launching their career. Ken Ray Tevis, better know as Ken Tevis by most of his business partners and clients, can operate differently depending on what's needed at the time. Ken has a "get it done" business side, a creative artistic side and even a more relaxed, less urgent manner when just spending time with his close friends and family.